Welcome to Emerald Group of Schools


Since 1998 as its inception Emerald vision was laid down by the Arya Dayanand Shiksha Samiti. It was the vision to establish institution for bringing equality in the society for education to all. Today Emerald has become household name for success and academic. Well planned infrastructure and well planned curriculum is speaking its own success saga with 2 schools was established in 1998. The society is further nurtured by great many philanthropists and official & non-official enthusiasts and today thousands of our children are being nurtured and nourished in the soothing shade of this mammoth tree of education society. Now, the society has brought up the EMERALD GROUP OF SCHOOLS, which is affiliated to C.B.S.E. This temple of learning which is cosmopolitan in outlook and co-educational in character, destined to forge ahead with studies, aims at producing scholars by imparting education in conformity with high ideals of truth, tolerance, selfless services and devotion. The school is housed in excellent building to cater to the educational needs of all sections of the society.


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Sparsh (Nur, LKG, UKG)
  • Unparalleled quality education
  • World Class Curriculum
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Safe and soft teaching materials
  • Effective Soft Skills Programme
  • Monthly events/ celebrations/ competitions
  • Well Trained Staff
  • Technology Based Learning
  • CCTV Monitoring, AC Campus
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Jigyasa (I to V)
  • Curriculum at par with International standards.
  • Student friendly, activity-oriented approach.
  • A platform for the young buddies to blossom with their unique curiosity habits.
  • Projects to inculcate to find the questions and explore to get the answers
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Manthan (VI to VIII)
  • World Class Curriculum Integrated with State and other Boards
  • Class followed by Assignments
  • Special focus on mathematics and science olympiads
  • Critical approach to problem solving skills.
  • Error list topic wise to rectify the mistakes made in weekly Test.
  • Study Backup Plans
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Lakshya (IX to XII)
  • Intergrated Curriculum For JEE / NEET / CA / CPT Preparation
  • Praticals with well equipped lab in Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Maths.
  • Faculty from Kota & Delhi
  • Study material designed by R& D Team
  • Weekly Test on OMR sheet and analysis.

How To Enroll Your Child In A class ?

Admissions open for Pre Primary, Primary & High School

Our Facilities

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Smart Classrooms

All our classrooms are equipped with E-Boards and Audio-Visual aids for 21st century learning teaching and learning.

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Advanced Library

Libraries in all our campuses contain books, CD-ROMs, DVDs that cover a spectrum of subjects and satisfies the students’ urge to learn.

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Science Zones

Concepts taught in classroom are reinforced at our science zone, which is well-equipped to work on academic problems.

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Math lab

In our math lab, students enjoy the subject and develop confidence to use it for critical thinking, evaluation and analysis.

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Informatics Lab

The curriculum is also well-aligned to their needs for progressive learning of computer operation and the science behind it.

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Arts Studio

Arts studio in Emerald caters visually intelligent students to hone their skills in fine arts through creative expressions.